Kingmana vs Prayer98 (Kingmana)


MGarurumon: You're always updating the battles consistently quickly. I only can speak for myself, but I'm really grateful that you put in so much time and work at all-- at any case, you're the most active in your helper duties, Apr 24, 2014 15:04:22 GMT -3
MGarurumon: so I don't even think an apology really needs to be given :P Apr 24, 2014 15:04:37 GMT -3
MGarurumon: @ Dramon yup! Rather than just a Xros between them, I think of it to be similar to how their kids would look X3 Apr 24, 2014 15:05:51 GMT -3
DramonFire: Now that you mention it XD Apr 24, 2014 15:09:38 GMT -3
DramonFire: andrei, don't worry, you're always updating, sometimes i'm even wondering if you're not asking too much of yourself ;) anyways as MG said, no apology is needed! Apr 24, 2014 15:10:48 GMT -3
Tehrag: I agree with the others. I was starting to worry about you! Apr 24, 2014 16:14:56 GMT -3
Kingmana: Eh and what's the issue with it, Dramon, uh? *Grins* Nothing bad intended between a fine couple, really....or was it? *Grins* Apr 24, 2014 19:08:50 GMT -3
dragoness42: help me i'm bored Apr 24, 2014 22:51:18 GMT -3
Kingmana: Uhm. I can't do much for you. Unless you want to talk about economy, because I have a partial exam tomorrow! Apr 24, 2014 22:53:11 GMT -3
dragoness42: darkcat has a mystery fanmon egg and other eggs to hatch and faolon and runomon are waiting for their breeding results lolz Apr 24, 2014 23:10:31 GMT -3
kalin828: Wht digimon can use the spirit of flame statue to digivolve into agunimon Apr 25, 2014 0:12:09 GMT -3
DarkCat: Flamemon can Digivolve to Agunimon. Apr 25, 2014 0:26:03 GMT -3
MGarurumon: Flamemon~ you can also check out the Digivolution List under Info/Refs in the sidebar for more information. Apr 25, 2014 0:26:41 GMT -3
MGarurumon: Haha, DC beats me to it. XD Apr 25, 2014 0:27:07 GMT -3
DarkCat: xDD Apr 25, 2014 0:27:30 GMT -3
ShadowMrk: All of you and your Digimon skills. I don Apr 25, 2014 1:58:27 GMT -3
ShadowMrk: 't even compare Apr 25, 2014 1:58:39 GMT -3
drake1049: You will get there Shadow. Apr 25, 2014 2:35:25 GMT -3
drake1049: And as for andrei, dude you need to take it back a notch. I can only speak for myself, but i assume that everyone expects you to take time to yourself. Its a given. And i fully intend to bear some of yur weight around here, as soon as i graduate. Apr 25, 2014 2:39:38 GMT -3
DramonFire: Same here, Drake, we'll make sure that andrei doesn't overwork himself :P Apr 25, 2014 2:55:28 GMT -3