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Mutaforma Dio Drago: lol yea! I use dueling network if u guys wanna duel sometime just msg me here then ill give u my number so we can set it up just nothing before 7pm in California Oct 7, 2015 0:24:11 GMT -3
ワイルドローズ: Lol, I remember Dueling Network. I prefer YGOPro, since it actually removes any possible cheating method with BS rulings that your Local Judges might enforce. Oct 7, 2015 2:52:19 GMT -3
Mutaforma Dio Drago: cant download DevPro computer is a ass and wont let me download anything requiring a admin password Oct 7, 2015 3:31:20 GMT -3
DramonFire: No Blue-Eyes love here? Oct 7, 2015 17:08:26 GMT -3
ワイルドローズ: Blue-Eyes is a little lacking in support. I mean, yeah, It has an extremely strong Fusion monster, but my HEROes can win the game before the ultimate dragon even is a thought in my opponent's head. Oct 7, 2015 18:53:08 GMT -3
Mutaforma Dio Drago: same ill get Infinity out so quick that ill let them get him out just so i can take him over Oct 7, 2015 20:06:06 GMT -3
ワイルドローズ: Toons are also not something you want to mess with. Oct 7, 2015 20:30:18 GMT -3
Mutaforma Dio Drago: true true Oct 7, 2015 21:10:04 GMT -3
Mutaforma Dio Drago: also my "Local Judges" only use the most recent rulings straight from the newly updated rule book Oct 7, 2015 22:19:14 GMT -3
ワイルドローズ: Yes, but sometimes the rulebook doesn't get updated as soon as new cards come out, and they would have to make a ruling. Also, certain Judges are just jerks. I'll PM you what I am talking about. Oct 7, 2015 23:33:40 GMT -3
Mutaforma Dio Drago: ok i understand and the judges along with the players that are dueling go into a conferance to decide how to deal with it lucky for me i use older cards ^-^ Oct 7, 2015 23:39:44 GMT -3
ワイルドローズ: Not really. Some of your cards are older, but some are newer as well. I would have to look at your deck list though. I might have a trick you can use to have 3 cyber dragons out in an instant. Oct 8, 2015 1:49:42 GMT -3
ワイルドローズ: First off, Take the Hex sealed fusion out, and put in another Honest, It was at three last time I checked. Oct 8, 2015 1:50:59 GMT -3
ワイルドローズ: I would also suggest getting Gatling Dragon into your extra deck. It's something nobody would plan for, and if you get lucky, you can wipe out your opponent's strongest monster's without attacking them. Oct 8, 2015 1:58:57 GMT -3
ワイルドローズ: Also, get rid of Double summon. Try Inferno Reckless Summon instead, much better result. Oct 8, 2015 2:28:51 GMT -3
Mutaforma Dio Drago: 1st Hex Sealed is going out soon but not for honest 2nd gatling dragon is good n all but my extra deck ive gotten used to and have strategys for and 3rd I prefer double summon so nah] Oct 8, 2015 2:46:13 GMT -3
Mutaforma Dio Drago: also you can only have 2 honest in your deck it is semi limited Oct 8, 2015 2:54:01 GMT -3
Mutaforma Dio Drago: i just realized. WHERES NERO AND ICY Oct 8, 2015 2:57:13 GMT -3
DramonFire: Well, I beg to differ, but anyone has their own playing style I guess, now I mostly run Uria as my main deck though, along with blue-eyes ^^ Oct 8, 2015 15:20:25 GMT -3
Mutaforma Dio Drago: guys! i just got the first part of my halloween costume its Kiritos black sword from Sword art online! Oct 8, 2015 21:27:12 GMT -3