How high can we count until a NORMAL member posts?


Nero: You could have said that to begin with. It did seem rude. Jul 27, 2015 14:30:07 GMT -3
Ratio: I'm pretty sure that they know that there's a problem and are actively trying to fix it behind the scenes. Jul 27, 2015 14:58:00 GMT -3
Yeti576: IcyFox, I know quite well firsthand how hard it is to respond to things. ^^; sometimes life doesn't quite give everything you want when you want, and people have perhaps jobs, livelihoods, families, stories to tend to. This may be the image you see of them Jul 28, 2015 0:00:36 GMT -3
Yeti576: but there are a lot more things in their lives than you think. ^^ I've been a helper before and I understand your frustration but sometimes, they could be depressed or tired or just wanting a break or very busy. There are so many possibilities Jul 28, 2015 0:01:27 GMT -3
Yeti576: So don't deny those please. ^^; Jul 28, 2015 0:01:32 GMT -3
Yeti576: *end of my moment Jul 28, 2015 0:01:55 GMT -3
Drake1049: Thank you Yeti, I was trying to find the words to say the same thing, but they escaped me. Jul 28, 2015 0:09:36 GMT -3
enderbrine5600: Eh i kinda agree with icy more people should be promoted to be honest (no offence to everyone else) but i think nero and drake should be promoted :/ they are the most active helpers/staff on and not to mention they are good at it Jul 28, 2015 4:52:56 GMT -3
Icyfox: Like I said it is up to them to decide who to add to their ranks. I do understand Yeti; I am just saying that if they want the site to continue to grow. They are going to have to grow with it in some way. Jul 28, 2015 10:28:06 GMT -3 *
DarkCat: We always do appreciate receiving suggestions and opinions from our members. Even just listening to everyone as they talk can make me happy, because I then know a little more about what you guys are thinking. Jul 28, 2015 11:40:04 GMT -3
DarkCat: But being rude about it isn't the right way to go about it. As it doesn't help you or us in any way. And can even hurt when you say that kind of stuff. Feeling impatient about it, even if I understand the reasons behind it, still doesn't make it okay. Jul 28, 2015 11:43:30 GMT -3
DarkCat: I'm sorry that some areas don't quite move at that pace that feels reasonable to both sides. Making others wait isn't something I like doing. But sometimes it just happens, especially if I forget, or something else is going on. Jul 28, 2015 12:15:07 GMT -3
DarkCat: Yeti already made a good point here, there can be many potential reasons for us not getting to things right away. I could have my own reasons, and King has his. Jul 28, 2015 12:54:47 GMT -3
DarkCat: Either way, I do understand what you mean, Icy. Especially since I personally would love for the site to grow more, and continue being the awesome place it's always been. Jul 28, 2015 13:05:44 GMT -3
DarkCat: I would continue talking here... But the chat can only fit so much unfortunately... 'xD Maybe this discussion can be taken to a thread, if you guys want to talk about it more? Jul 28, 2015 13:09:27 GMT -3
enderbrine5600: lets have icy make the thread considering ya did start this conversation Icy Jul 28, 2015 14:36:26 GMT -3
Icyfox: Hmm, alright Jul 28, 2015 15:26:07 GMT -3
Yeti576: *slipping my slurp and chilling*sup probably younger than most of you but I kinda have a bad habit of calling everyone kids or senpai Jul 28, 2015 21:22:01 GMT -3
Yeti576: I MEANT MY SLURPEEE Jul 28, 2015 21:22:21 GMT -3
Drake1049: You are easily younger than me, LOL You're like 14, right? I'm 27. ^_^ Jul 28, 2015 21:27:25 GMT -3